MG Fuels is…

  • a team of renewable fuels pioneers with the passion and vision to answer what is possible
  • creating profitable fuel products, and bringing modular and scalable solutions to market
  • finding ways to turn your feedstock into new revenue streams via clean energy fuels. We are unique because we use scalable solutions.  We challenge the norm of scaling up by scaling down and moving fuel production to the site of the biomass.   We ship less water so we deliver an accelerated return on investment.
  • able to achieve this through:
    –  A robust intellectual property portfolio
    –  Our vast network of strategic partners
    –  Deep experience in innovative renewable energy development
  • able to commercialize products with less than a five-year return on investment
  • a group of global pioneers guided by our commitment to our customers, partners, employees, and our social and environmental responsibilities.

Our Team: Your Partners

Our team:  Your partners in converting renewable and waste biomass into valuable liquid fuels.

Michael Gurin

Michael Gurin combines unique innovations into profitable energy technologies

  • Founder/President, CogniTek Management and CogniTek Holdings
  • Co-Founder/Former CEO, Echogen
  • Experience: Array of advanced energy systems with >60 patents/patents pending including a patented power generating cycle driven by thermal energy from industrial process waste heat, solar thermal, and other green sources (biomass, biofuels)

Sean Murdock

Sean Murdock

Sean Murdock thoroughly analyzes markets and develops cutting-edge processes
to ensure success

  • Founder, SugarCube Systems and NanoSonix
  • Former Exec. Director and Chairman of Nano Business Alliance
  • Experience: Management consultant with McKinsey; served on Board of Poylera Corporation, Advisory Board for Purdue University’s Discovery Park; advised President’s Council on Science and Technology Policy’s Strategic Plan for Nanotechnology Research and Development

Dr. Charles Cai

Dr. Charles Cai brings technical and leadership expertise in biomass conversion and bioprocess engineering

  • Research Faculty and Adjunct Professor at University of California
  • Awardee and Co-Principle Investigator to bioenergy commercialization grants from the DOE and USDA totaling over $3M
  • Past experience: Engineer for biotech venture start-ups Amyris, Inc and Marrone Bio Innovations, Inc to successful IPO.

David Landau

David Landau

David Landau bridges the gap between the technical and non-technical partners

  • Systems Design: Chemetron, National Cylinder Gas, Liquid Air
  • Systems Consultant: Arthur Andersen, IBM
  • Co-Founder/Marketing Director: L A Business Systems