Sustainable Energy Solutions From Plants

MG Fuels has strategically married award-winning technologies to provide a turn-key solution for sustainable production of distributed power and liquid fuels from cellulosic plant matter.

More Green Fuels For Our Environment and Your Business

Our solution is unrivaled in its flexibility and performance to maximize revenue from an otherwise low value waste stream. Ask us about our 1-to-1 conversion capabilities of converting fiber to fuel.

Let MG Fuels be your partner to insuring a better future today.

MG Fuels Welcomes All Feedstocks

Our technology has been proven to convert a wide-range of plant-based feedstocks from low density crops to even the toughest fibers by efficiently breaking them down and separating the organic and inorganic components. We provide the ability for our partners to choose from a diverse range of end products that complement their unique infrastructure and needs.


MG Fuels Will Come To You

Our aim is to co-locate the production of fuels close to your feedstock supply to reduce logistical costs and maximize profits. Our unique technologies enable modular scale plants to enable distributed energy and fuel production to our clients at multiple locations of their choosing. Our technologies can be deployed with minimal capital expense to reduce start-up risks and improves the flexibility of operation. We work with you to select from a diverse range of end products that are compatible with your business infrastructure.

Unique Cost Efficiencies

Our technologies achieve the highest product yields in the industry while minimizing energy demands to achieve a net positive operation. This eliminates "hidden" outside battery limit costs that have historically crippled other biorefinery designs. By leveraging novel chemistries, we are able to consolidates multiple processing steps into a simple single step operation to reduce processing costs and to maximize scalability. Furthermore, our plants are fully compatible with commercially relevant starting materials and"off-the-shelf" equipment to allow rapid deployment.

Preprocessing Made Easy: Our technology can uniquely process commercially relevant grades of raw feedstocks such as green wood chips to eliminate the need for expensive dryers and hammer mills.


Reduced Energy Demand: Our conversion process does not require any gas compression and operates at much lower temperatures compared to pyrolysis and gasification methods. We can achieve a 1-to-1 conversion of biomass to fuel without producing any char/tar.